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    Shopify Service Provider
    No Matter Shopify Theme Setup Or Shopify App Development
    Shopify Alipay Integration,Shopify Performance Tuning
    Or Shopify Online and Offline System
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    Multiple Site Management
    Shopify ERP System All In One
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Shopify China Performance

Speed up your Shopify website's js and css,Image Tuning, Let your customer in china hard to find difference where they locates.

Shopify Alipay,Weixin Pay Integration

Help your Shopify site users to pay through alipay and weixin pay, try as much as possible to increase your site's add to cart rate and conversion rate

Shopify Setup and Custom Application

Just as our image shows to you, we are able to provide the professional service whch can make you outstanding among your competetors.

Ability to Do Well

Our team has 5+ work experiences in shopify and serviced over 3+ 500 fortune companies. That's why we are proud of what we provide and confident in that.

We know tech as well as operation

If you know technology, you will be astonished by our understanding in tech, we've managed so many servers as well do reviews; If you know operation, you will find that we what do and plan just match what your business's needs now, as we are also part of opration team just like you.

You got idea, we got solution, we can make your idea become true. We are not only did it in Shopify, we also did this for kind of customers in Internet who values their action. We help you become outstanding among your competetors. As we can help you solve issues you met in every aspect of your Shopify Store, no matter it is Shopify performance tuning, Shopify custom payment integration, Shopify app development, Shopify mutiple site management etc. We provide solutions with your store's growth.

By the time you start choose which Shopify plan fits for you, Which theme fits for you, Shopify apps, Human resource management, Order management, Purchase management, Shipping management, Multiple sites management, Mobile solutions etc. We can help you plan as well as execute it well. In the meantime, We hope you also have great vision, great executive ability, we are happy to grow with you.

We know niche market, we know how to get ourselves outstanding among our competetors, here are most professional shopify experts in china, even in the world. Even you have many orders and you need to custom platform for your company, we are also able to provide professional service for you. Because this is what we do, do we what we are interested in, do what customer will give us a "Great, thanks"

No matter it is keyword competetion, Keyword difficuty, Facebook Page management, Facebook ad management, Pixel install and anaylysisi etc. We are professional team for it, those are what we capabale of! As team focusing on this in 5+ years, we know where traffic comes and when and how it will come.

3rd party system integration

Service has been simplified and so many services are showing, every service can be integrated together to service Shopify. Just like shopify did, APIs are provided to let 3rd party providers create more creative services. Other service like mailchimp, google, erp system, crm system etc.

Responsive Design, Excellent Feeling

Just we you see shopify online website, we provide service which can matches your shopify website. No matter from design, web, Mobile, App development, icon, word, even every call to actions, we are the one makes your shopify excellent, here we are in china and service for you.

Checkout our shopify service

Bases on your requirements, we offer you a reasonable price, we hope our customer grow with our professional service with reasonable quotation.

Shopify Setup and Theme Development

  • Website settings
  • Mail Subscribtion
  • Order Testing
  • Domain Purchase and Setup
  • Website Theme Development
  • Website Theme Choosen
  • Multiple Language Setting
  • Multiple Currency Setting


Enhance Your Customer Experience
  • Enhanced Desktop Theme
  • Ehanaced Mobile Theme
  • APP Development and Integration
  • Alipay/Weixin payment integration
  • css js and image tuning
  • China Shopify Tuning

System Integration

  • Warehouse System Integration
  • Android, IOS APP Integration
  • Multiple Site Management
  • Multiple Language/Concurrency Management
  • Logistics Integration
  • Shopify ERP System Integraion

Contact Us

We will touch back you soon, We focus on customer experience, We believe even a small store also has its brand.

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